AEGEE-Castelló | Foro Europeo de Estudiantes

AEGEE-Castelló es la sede en Castelló de la mayor asociación interdisciplinar de estudiantes de Europa. Sin ánimo de lucro y no vinvulada a ningún partido político, promueve una Europa unida, abierta y sin fronteras a través de proyectos, viajes, grupos de trabajo, intercambios culturales y actividades en las que colaboran universitarios de toda Europa.

Ámbito europeo

Todos los eventos que se realizan en Europa se publican en, a excepción de las Summer Universities, que tienen su propia web (visita la sección Summer Universities del menú que aparece a la izquierda).

Si quieres participar en un evento europeo, debes solicitarlo desde la página

Si tienes problemas con tu nombre de usuario y contraseña en esa web, escribe a it @ Pero recuerda, antes de registrarte en esa web debes ser socio de AEGEE-Castelló. Si antes de registrarte en esa web no te haces socio de AEGEE-Castelló no estarás validado y no recibirás tu nombre de usuario y password. Puedes registrarte en cualquier momento aquí.

Últimos eventos europeos publicados

  • Winter is NOT coming to Paradise

    Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


    Date: from 28.12.2017 to 04.01.2018

    Get to know the islanders winter in 1 week! Leave behind all your worries and get prepared to welcome the New Year in a warm paradise surrounded by water, while the breeze of the sea kindly touches your skin and your pockets fill up with sand and salty memories.

  • NWM Passau - Into the Wild

    Location: Passau


    Date: from 30.11.2017 to 03.12.2017

    What happens when you put 38 AEGEEans into a country house in the Bavarian forest for 4 days? Go into the wild and feel the spirit yourself!

  • Brexit - What Next?

    Location: Sheffield, Manchester


    Date: from 29.11.2017 to 04.12.2017

    First time in forever, all UK locals are working together to invite you to the conference on Brexit and its effects for youth on both sides of the Channel. Will the freedom of movement be limited? How will youth mobility be affected? Will Erasmus+ still exist in the UK? Come and find out yourself!

  • NWM Napoli: L'Europe Toujours

    Location: Napoli


    Date: from 23.11.2017 to 26.11.2017

    Come and discover AEGEE in Napoli: a UNESCO site and one of the most beautiful shores in Italy. We are ready to welcome you with days of interactive sessions, but also our culture, food and loads of fun! Don't miss the chance to meet other AEGEEans and learn how to make your ideas come to life!

  • NWM Cluj Napoca- FireWork Your way to the Throne

    Location: Cluj-Napoca


    Date: from 16.11.2017 to 19.11.2017

    Imagine we are fireworks. We climb and shine, above and below, going on simultaneously in space and time, light brightening both sky and water. But even if that time comes, let's not disappear like a firework and continue to shine forever, together!